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As an established business, we understand the importance of using the best tools available to the trade. We use the very latest in technology for precise data collection that assure the accurate transfer of survey data from the field to the main computer, and AutoCAD  that allows rapid plotting of survey data. 

Field data is reconciled and expanded upon in the computer and then directed to the plotter for computer generated plats and/or back to the data collector for the setting of property corners and construction stakes. This data collection system saves hours of transcribing and saves possible transcription errors.

For projects that require accelerated schedules, we are able to provide you with drawings, schematics plans, and etc., via e-mail.

Our specific services include the following:

Property and Boundary Surveys
Land Title Surveys
Flood Zone Determination

Site Development
Development Plans are plans that must be submitted before a governing body (such as your local city planning and zoning commission) in order to get approval for development. These are often extensive surveys that require the location of all existing improvements on the property in addition to design work for proposed development. The plans are required in many areas for many types of development.
Site, Land surveys
Utility easements, radio tower positioning, tunnel alignment
Mortgage inspection surveys, real estate closings
Right of way acquisition surveys
Condominium surveys, Subdivision and Apartment Planning/Development
Surveys related to litigation
Large cadastral surveys (principally through contracts with state and federal agencies)
Engineering surveys
Commercial Design and Layout (e.g., shopping centers)
Improvement Surveys
As-built Surveys

Topographic Surveys
Topographic surveys involve the determination of the shape and location of the ground and the location of both natural and artificial features upon the ground. These surveys are often used for purposes of developing a piece of property to aid in determination of surface drainage of water on the property, location of large natural features, footprints of existing buildings, etc., so that design of proposed development will be facilitated in every degree.

Construction Staking for highways, bridges, airport runways, etc.
Construction staking involves the layout of buildings, roads, curb, utilities, railroads, etc.

Volume Calculations
Volume Calculations are primarily used in landfills in order to determine how much waste has already been placed in the landfill and to aid in the determination of when a new cell must be constructed for the landfill.

An ALTA/ACSM is a survey performed to specific guidelines set forth by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, and are performed primarily for businesses in order for the particular property to be insured. An extensive title search for the property is usually done in conjunction with the survey in order to ensure that there will be no further conflict with any adjoining property owners or utility companies

Platting Services
boundary line adjustments
residential and commercial

Boundary Retracement Surveys
Boundary Surveys are one of the more common services that we offer. In addition to locating the clients property corners, we can provide a plat or map of the subject property and do legal descriptions (descriptions as they are written in deeds for the transfer of property.) The above-mentioned plat is also a legal document that can be recorded to help insure that there is no further dispute as to where the boundary is and who the rightful owner is.

Drafting and Engineering Services
We use AutoCAD  to do all of our drafting and design work, including plotting deeds, transferring hard copy drawings of buildings, etc.

For a quote or more information about our services, please contact us at:
Smith Surveyors, Inc.

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